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Licenses and regulations 2021


Dear fishermen,

In 2021 we are introducing new general conditions for the use of the Fishing Club Bled web portal and we are convinced that with all the changes, we will offer you the best fishing conditions here in Bled.

News / Changes 2021:

– In 2021 we are introducing a cloud license. (Section 9. in the new General Terms and Conditions of Use of the RD Bled web portal)

– When you complete the purchase of permits/licenses, any refund in case of adverse weather or any high watters or any other cancellation from the buyer, is no more possible!

– a limitation of daily sold licenses (10)  for carp fishing is valid trough all year long.

– Carp fishing licenses can now only be purchased through our website.

– we are canceling 3-day licenses. ( you can still buy as many dates as you like )

– in case if angler is non-compliance with the rules, his fishing tackle can be confiscated from our guards.

– now it is forbidden to feed / prebait with a predator license!

In keeping with all the rules, the guards will be extremely strict, so we ask you to comply with all the rules about our lake. Behave nicely and correct when you are fishing here in Bled. Bled Lake is specific lake in the world of carp fishing and if we want to keep it that way, this must be understood and taken into account.

If you have any questions, you can write to support@ribiska-druzina-bled.si


Management Board
Fishing Club Bled