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4260 Si-Bled

Additional rules and regulations for Carp fishing in Bled Lake


  1. Licence owner must accept the behavior appropriate to all visitors of Slovenian national park. Behavior which is not ethical, humane and ecological towards other fishermen, park visitors, fish and environment is not allowed.
  2. The place where fishermen are fishing must contain as less of fishing equipment as possible. The fishing spot must be tidy and clean thru and at the end of fishing.
  3. Fishing equipment for Carp fishing in Bled lake requires also: a soft net at least 90 cm long, unhooking mat and antiseptic.
  4. Only nylon line is allowed.
  5. Usage of open flame and all kind of heaters for preparing hot food or beverages is not allowed.
  6. Camping outside legal camp is forbidden in Slovenia. Tents and umbrellas are not allowed.
  7. Usage of bed chair for sleeping is not allowed. Only a chair for sitting is allowed.
  8. Usage of all kind of markers which mark the feeding place is not allowed.
  9. Fishing is allowed in area of maximum 100m from the coast.
  10. Usage of maximum 5kg of bait which can contain up to 1kg of animal source share per fishing day is allowed. Usage of all kind of remote controled shuttle for transporting and input of nutrients and other substances which polute water and lake bottom is not allowed. Usage of any kind of boats is not allowed!
  11. Licence owner must allow authorized person ( guard ) of fishing club Bled to: check the fishing licence, identity document, fishing equipment and bait.
  12. In the event of non-compliance with the rules, fishing gear is seized!


Samo Novak