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Slovenian pearl beneath the Alps.

Bled Lake is of tectonic-glacial origin and lies 475 meters above sea level. Its surface amounts to 1.45 km2 and its average annual temperature is 12°C. Due to numerous species of fish of trophy sizes, idyllic island in the middle of the lake, Bled Castle and breathtaking surroundings, the lake is considered one of the best destinations for lake fishing in Slovenia.

The lake was formed after the recession of the Bohinj glacier. It is up to 2120 m long and up to 1380 m wide, its maximum depth being 30.6 m and tectonic in origin. After the last Ice Age, the Bohinj glacier deepened the natural tectonic hollow and gave into its present form. The basin was filled with water when the ice melted. The lake has no large natural tributaries; it is fed only by a few springs.

Trolling, spinning, bottom and bleak fishing are permitted at the lake. Fly fishing is also possible, which is particularly recommended when the water level in surrounding rivers is high. The fishing season on Bled Lake begins on 1 April and ends on 31 December.

The following species of fish can be found in Bled Lake:
(Silurus Glanis), Som, Wells catfish, Silur, Europäischer wells, Silure glane
(Esox lucius), Ščuka, Pike, Luccio, Hecht, Broche
(Sander lucioperca), Smuč, Pike-perch, Sander, Zander, Sandre
(Cyprinus carpio), Krap, Carp, Carpa, Karpf, Carpe
(Salmo trutta lacustris), Jezerska postrv, Lake trout, Trota lacustre, Seeforelle, Truite del lac
(Leuciscus cephaluc), Klen, Chub, Cavedano europeo, Döbel, Chevaine
(Tinca tinca), Linj, Tench, Tinca, Schleie, Tanche
(Rutilus rutilus), Rdečeoka, Roach, Rutilo, Rotauge, Gardon
(Scardinius erithrophthalmus), Rdečeperka, Common rudd, Scardola, Rotfeder, Rotengle
(Perca fluviatilis), Navadni ostriž, Perch, Perche, Barsch, Persico reale

Bled is located at the foot of the Julian Alps and is only 35 km away from Ljubljana Airport. The town is renowned for its excellent tourist offer and is only 3 km away from the Sava Bohinjka. Fishing licences are available at several sales points. For additional information, please send us an email to


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Additional rules and regulations for Carp fishing in Bled Lake

Map of the Bled Lake with marked reservoirs