Pond Ribno

Pond Ribno

Pond on very quite spot just outside Bled
Fishing Club Bled operates the pond Ribno, just aside Sava Bohinjka in Ribno.

There can be found fish such as chub, carp, perch, roach, pike.
Fishing is permitted throughout the pond, for regulations please see rules on the license.

The following species of fish can be found in Pond Ribno:
(Esox lucius), Ščuka, Pike, Luccio, Hecht, Broche
(Cyprinus carpio), Krap, Carp, Carpa, Karpf, Carpe
(Leuciscus cephaluc), Klen, Chub, Cavedano europeo, Döbel, Chevaine
(Perca fluviatilis), Navadni ostriž, Perch, Perche, Barsch, Persico reale

Fishing season :
Od 01.04. do 31.12