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HUCHEN (Danube Salmon)
Slovenia`s most appreciated fish!

Fishing and eaven Fly Fishing for Huchen, has become a real obsession among lots of fishermans in last few years. Not so far back, Huchen fishing was reserved for elite members of some Slovene fishing clubs and v.i.p. persons only. Since joining EU, strict rule has become more loosen and finaly Huchen thrill has become accessible also to wider fishing public. Nevertheless, charm of noblety stays.

There are several facts which make Huchen fishing one of the most demanding fresh water fishing.

  • Huchen fishing season is in winter time (in Fishing Club Bled season lasts from 15. November till 14th February) ,meaning you are facing very low temperatures which are freezing the lines, fishing reels, fingers..
  • Heavy tackle is required and a lot of tiredful casting.
  • Large Huchen does not eat every day.
  • Huchen is a predator of the night, so there is a lot of dawn&dusk fishing.
  • Strike is often in vain, since the mouth of Huchen and jaws are very bony.
  • One of good conditions for fishing is also when the rivers like Sava Bohinjka, are flooding and that means extra attention with walking on the river banks or wading in.


Fishing rules for Hucho fishing

Fishing is allowed from dawn till dusk.

Fishing is possible only with an escort adult club member.

Fishing for Huchen is allowed with fly fishing and spinn fishing:

SPINNING: Sinning rod with reel with line atleast 0,30 mm in diameter and lures atleased 10 cm ( measured without hooks ) in lenght are allowed.

FLYFISHING:Fly rod with reel with line grade atleast #7. Tippet atleast 0,30 mm in diameter is allowed. Fishing is allowed with flies tied on a  single hooks which can`t be smaller than 10cm in lenght.

Each Danube salmon caught must be immediately reported.

Samo Novak